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French nails

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French nails
Nail art tools are appliances used to provide nail art. With the development of the nail art industry, the tools for nail art are becoming more and more professional, and there are more and more types of consumables including: series, phototherapy series, crystal series, jewelry series, painting series, nail art series Specialized pens and other hardware include: manicure table, manicure seat, manicure lamp, manicure machine, etc.
“If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools.” Knowing the various essentials of nail art and learning how to use them correctly is the beginning of nail art.
Nail tools are non-disposable and must be sterilized before each use. Therefore, the size of the tools should be suitable for putting into a disinfectant container [1]. Crystal tweezers: It is only used when making crystal nails. It cannot be replaced with finger tweezers, otherwise the crystal nails will be easily broken.
Nail clippers: Mainly used to trim all types of nails, including crystal nails and natural nails.
Fingernail clippers: used to cut off excess nail skin.
Plastic or bristle brushes: For cleaning nails and crystal nails during hand care.
Nail File: Used to trim the leading edge of natural nails.
Sand stick: for pushing finger skin.
Scissors: For cutting fiber products such as nylon, silk and fiberglass armor.
Small tweezers: used to hold nail pieces, diamonds, or nail skins for trimming. nail clippers
1. Classification: Nail scissors are divided into size, followed by the shape of the front end, there are two kinds of flat head and bevel.
2. How to use: After washing your hands, first use flat nail scissors to cut the required length. If the nail grooves on both sides of the nails are too deep and long towards the nail grooves, use beveled nails to cut off the nails on both sides.
3. Matters needing attention: When cutting nails, whether you use flat nail scissors or bevel nail scissors, do not cut too deep. If the nails are often cut deeper, the nail bed will become shorter and shorter, which will affect the nails. beauty, especially for women. Do not cut off the two corners of the front of the nail when manicuring square nails.
nail file
(1) Classification: Manicure files are divided into steel files and color files, which are commonly referred to as flower files.
2. How to use: Use a steel file or a flower file to grind the cut nails in the order of the two sides and the front end, and grind them into the desired shape.
(Usually there are 6 shapes of nails: A, square B, square round C, oval D, pointed E, round F, flared. The manicurist can suggest the customer to choose a suitable shape according to the customer’s hand shape.)
3. Matters needing attention: When using steel files and flower files to sharpen the shape of the nails, be sure to pay attention to the fine grinding on both sides of the nails, and the shape of the front end must be rounded.


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